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Intel Core i3-2100 3.1 GHz
AMD Radeon HD 6670

I was 12 when I got my first PC.
Soon I got interested in gamedev and CGI, with Blender being the major discovery that triggered a chain reaction in my art endeavours.

With limited internet access, it took me around 3 years of random clicking to start getting relatively decent results.


Canon Powershot SX 150 IS🡭

At age 14 I took a summer job specifically to earn some money for my first camera.


It's a simple yet powerful camera with a good output for its price, it was a nice choice for a beginner like me.

Intel Pentium 3556U 1.7 GHz
Nvidia GeForce 920M

In 2016 I enrolled at a uni and moved out from my guardians. I couldn't take the PC with me so I bought a cheap laptop with office tier specs, thinking it'd be enough for the uni.

I ended up ditching the uni, but the laptop remained my workstation for a few years. Many big projects were made on it despite its humble specs.


One by Wacom CTL-671🡭

Along with the laptop, I also finally got around to getting a graphic tablet. I needed nothing fancy, just to check out how it works.


It's been six years and I still use this one, it's pretty much enough for any drawing and painting task.
I do look towards those big tablets with screens as they look more convenient, but I won't be able to get one anytime soon anyway.


Nikon D3300🡭

My second and current camera.
A good upgrade, marking the start of the second stage in my photography hobby.

However, it's been in decline over the past couple of years as I shifted more of my attention to CGI.

 AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 3700 3.6 GHz
 AMD Radeon RX 580
 RAM 16 GB

When my partner and I finally started to live together, he brought his PC. We've upgraded it and since 2021
I use it for all things art.


Compared to my laptop, it was a huge improvement that allowed me to do more and cooler.



The motto of my software choice: eat the rich and use open source! I couldn't pay for programs as a 14 years old CGI enthusiast, but then it turned out I never actually needed to. Today it's my principle to give priority to open source or freeware products. They are cool and they deserve all the support!



BLENDER   open source
One program to rule them all, Blender is one of the mightiest softwares out there. I use it not only for everything 3D, but also for some 2D tasks and even video editing.



KRITA   open source
A good choice for digital drawing and painting. Flexible like Blender and fit both for beginners and pros. Completely replaces Photoshop for me.



PAINT.NET   freeware
I don't know why it's named like a website. It's a cute little program for image editing with enough tools for basic manipulations.



WORLD MACHINE   proprietary, has free edition with limitations
A fun program for making realistic 3D terrain. Has a convenient node system to play with its many tools like terrain shapes, erosion, water, snow, and more.



MAKEHUMAN   open source
After the world is done, it's time to populate it with humans and watch from above how they struggle with their little miserable lives. MakeHuman is nice to quickly create and configure rigged humanoid models.



HUGIN   open source
Hugin is my go-to for working with panoramas. From my experience, it works better and faster than "Photomerge" tool in Photoshop.


MESHROOM   open source
Photogrammetry is fun! If you shoot an object in a particular way and feed your photoset to this program, it'll try to recreate that object in 3D.


UNITY   proprietary, has free edition for personal use
I use Unity occasionally for VRChat and 3DTuber avatar stuff. I also tried some gamedev-related stuff a while ago, but I think I'll use another engine.


GODOT ENGINE   open source
Quickly developing community-driven game engine! It looks quite promising, I keep this one in mind for when I'll get back to my gamedev ideas.


NANO STUDIO 1   freeware
A free and rather simple but nice digital audio workstation. I use it for improvising, capturing ideas and making demo compositions.

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