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Why do I need support?

My life story has been rather odd, but it is far from over. My adult life started off by forcing me to quickly figure out what's going on and what should I actually do instead of what I'm supposed to do.

Long story short, I live in a country that directly and indirectly prevents LGBTQ+ people from having equal rights and opportunities, to say the least. This is the main reason why my attempts to get higher education, a regular job and social life here failed.

In March 2021 I realized that to put an end to our poverty and isolation, my partner and I must leave this country as soon as possible and apply for refugee protection in Canada. According to my plans, rough estimations and hopes, we could get our one-way tickets in 2023 - by that time maybe we will have enough savings to afford it, plus hopefully the pandemic will finally come to an end.

Currently, doing commissions is my only income, and any extra money go to savings. Thus, we live very modestly and have only basic stuff that can fit in a few bags.
The only resource I have plenty of is time, so I use the most of it to improve my skills, hoping that sooner or later all the effort will pay off.

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The final one is a bit awkward and may sound odd, but if you live in Canada - let's chat and maybe even be friends! (see Plans for more info)


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  • Liseek, my partner who always supports me no matter what. 💕

  • Adrian, a friend who shows me the finest example of how to see the world.

  • Yens and Ripley, for giving me the greatest emotional support I've ever had. TwT