Photography was one of my major gateways to art. Even though I started to poke 3D and image editing before getting my first camera, it was photography that finally got me hooked to visual art, boosting my learning process and expanding creative capabilities.

For some reason, the idea of taking pictures was quite appealing to a 14 years old me, so I took a summer job to earn some money and buy a camera. It turned out to be Canon Powershot SX 150 IS🡭, probably the best option I could afford back then. The 2013-2016 period was the first stage of my photography hobby, full of random shots, mistakes and experiments.

In 2017 I got my second and current camera, Nikon D3300🡭. A good upgrade, marking the start of the second stage. Experiments became bolder and turned into what I consider conceptual photography. I also started to go for landscape hunting in long exhausting hikes. This stage lasted from 2017 to 2020.

Since then my photography hobby is on hiatus, mostly because I had to shift my attention entirely to CGI.
I still take pictures here and there but serious results are scarce. Hopefully this hobby will be revived soon, now that I'm in a completely new place that has a great potential for urban and landscape photography.

    Below I posted some highlights of each year since 2014. I also included some exclusive works that
    weren't posted anywhere else. I'll keep updating this gallery as I make new shots worthy to be added
    here. For more works and downloading them in full resolution, check out my DeviantArt🡭





Sep 30  2022

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