The music album named "Era of Escapism" will be a part of The Neeostar Project. The album is planned as a multi-genre conceptual release consisting of 5 short (2-5 mins) and 5 long (10-20 mins) compositions.
The short ones present each planet in the Neeo System and act as interludes for the long ones. They, in turn, narrate different parts of the story through music and lyrics.

Most compositions already have their demos with general ideas, genres and plots. Still, there is a lot of work ahead on each of them.
So far I have released 23 minutes long EP "The Long Way Home" to show the concept I'm working towards.

The multi-genre approach means that I won't restrict the music to any particular genre. I want to try different kinds of electronics, ambient, rock and metal, symphonic and anything else I could reach. The compositions could have dramatic contrasts within themselves and between each other in mood, pace, set of instruments and other features.

For the most part, the music will be composed on a computer with the use of basic and self-produced samples, kits and instruments. Currently, I use the desktop version of NanoStudio to learn the basics and compose all the demos. For the final mix, I'll most likely use something else.
Vocals are expected to be the most complicated part since I have very little experience in singing. However, I'm more or less confident about my voice and believe that with enough practice I would achieve the quality enough for the project. But we will see.

Thanks for listening and watching! My music available on BANDCAMP and SOUNDCLOUD

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