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The Neeostar Project is a conceptual multimedia project that tells a story of an original planetary system via visual, musical and interactive materials.

  • The idea of the project was born in July 2019, when I decided to bring some of my works together and build a world concept on their basis.
    Since then, I've been slowly developing the project by establishing characters, settings and plots, as well as by working on various content:
    illustrations, animations, a music album and a game.

  • The project is a compilation of several chapters, with plots interlinked only indirectly since they occur on different planets during different timelines. On some planets, the course of history globally changes their ecosystem and the development level of the civilization. This way allows me to create a diverse cast of unique characters and multi-genre scenarios, covering sci-fi, adventure, post-apocalypse, drama and others.

  • All the following descriptions are work in progress and might be changed later, they are vague on purpose. All names and events are fictional, scales are conditional.


  • 1 Raehna [v 0.1]

Artificial planet built by former Fyerra inhabitants to escape the "red dust" contagion spreading wide across Fyerra. The planet has a shield designed to protect the ecosystem from most threats from the outside, to absorb the energy of the star, to flexibly control the planet's climate, and to be a universal transport system.
The planet is considered to be the civilization's greatest scientific achievement and an exceptional work of art.

  • 2 Fyerra [v 0.1]

The civilization's planet of origin, desolated shortly after the seemingly unstoppable "red dust" contamination started which was rapidly and uncontrollably turning sentient inhabitants into non-sentient animals of random species; lethal in most cases.
Soon, the planet was heavily built up with industrial and scientific complexes with the purpose of providing materials and technologies for the construction of Raehna. After it was finished, almost the entire healthy population evacuated, except for a few who willingly decided to stay. Now that Fyerra is abandoned, the ways of nature steadily consume what remains of the civilization.

  • 3 Salthea + Dhaer [v 0.1]

Probably the most unusual planet in the system. Despite the significant temperature difference between day and night, the planet has a large diversity of aquatic and aerial life forms. There are 8 stations on the planet researching its ecosystem.
At some point, a rogue planet Dhaer was about to collide with Salthea and destroy it. In order to save both planets, a colossal feminine statue was built on the surface of the planet while special thrusters were slowing down Dhaer's movement in space, until the rogue planet was gently landed on the shoulders of the statue, rendering itself an unconventional satellite.

  • 4 Khaorn + Eenoa [v 0.1]

The most massive planet in the system. Perceived as a gas giant, until solid though unstable ground was found under thick layers of the atmosphere.
Large-scale hurricanes and grand thunderstorms occur on the planet constantly, showering the surface in a variety of chemical elements which give the planet its diverse and constantly changing colours.
There are 4 semi-autonomous research stations on the planet.
The largest of the satellites is Eenoa, which is sometimes used as a testing site.

  • 5 Neastrea + Rhaest [v 0.1]

The most remote and least researched planet. The cold planet has been observed to emit powerful electromagnetic flashes of mysterious origin. They occur periodically and make it difficult to approach Neastrea with any electronic apparatus.
In prehistory, the gravity of the planet captured a tangentially flying large comet Rhaest and broke it into two parts. The larger part collided with the planet and caused an explosion, resulting in the formation of the ring from the mass of debris launched into orbit. The smaller part continued to orbit Neastrea. There is a hypothesis that some form of life may exist somewhere hidden in the depths of the comet.


  • War
    One of the plots takes place during a full-scale war on Fyerra. The civilization is developed enough to occasionally send expeditions to other planets in the system. The discovery of an effective way to dramatically prolong life expectancy is upcoming.

  • Contamination
    All wars are ended. Scientific and social progress made it possible to reach a long and healthy life. Suddenly the "red dust" appears seemingly from nowhere, causing a devastating death toll all across the planet.
    (I had this idea before the real pandemic started, so it's only a coincidence)

  • Raehna construction
    A planet-wide government called "the Masters" is formed to unite all survivors and organize the building of an artificial planet. Clean areas are isolated from contaminated ones and built up with industrial and scientific complexes.

  • Migration
    The construction of Raehna is finished. The majority of survivors migrate to Raehna and isolate themselves. A few inhabitants voluntarily stay on their home planet while the ways of nature consume Fyerra.

  • The rescue of Salthea
    The "red dust" is in the past, however Fyerra remains closed. Dhaer and Salthea are saved during "Keathea" project. Meanwhile, a mysterious activity is detected on the abandoned planet.

  • Neastrea exploration
    Technological progress allows to start a direct exploration of the most inaccessible planet. The secret of Neastrea is unveiled.

  • Fyerra recovery
    The "red dust" is no longer a threat. The quarantine is lifted and the civilization explores the planet that once was their home anew.


  • The civilization of the Neeo system has never had contact with humans and planet Earth. I imagine Aernoa galaxy is located somewhere beyond the borders of our observable universe. However, all that happens in the system run by the same laws of physics.

  • The general appearance of sentient beings ("residents") is in progress, as well as all the designs of their habitat and material culture. I consider bringing an alternative evolutionary path in prehistory, where humans didn't happen. Instead, another species or group of species developed high levels of intelligence. In other words, there probably will be some kind of anthropomorphic animals as characters.

  • Social, political and economical order changes with the course of the civilization history. After the war, all political borders are abolished; residents interact with each other and the environment in accordance with the unified ethical code. After the migration, there are only about 100 millions residents left, though the society adopts a careful reproductive approach since every new life is a collective responsibility of the entire community. Education is recognized as a life-long activity rather than a formal period, at some point it merges with a person's professional occupation into a single process of performing scientific, artistic, social and other projects.

  • Linguistics and measurement system are in development. The civilization has its own universal language, so any names here should be considered comprehensible transcripts. The communication between residents works in a fundamentally different way than our communication. For instance, information in the form of pure meanings is being transferred between persons by the means of neuro-augmentation, bypassing any possible misunderstandings that would be caused by regular verbal communication. When printed, the language works the similar way as QR codes: a compact image contains information that's being scanned by neuro software and projected directly into the viewer's perception.

  • More details coming soon.


I do realize the degree of ambition this multi-disciplinary project claims. It requires me to work at the edge of my technical and artistic possibilities and constantly attempt to expand them. I try to make a realistic prognosis: at this rate it will most likely take years or even decades to complete the work in any of the listed fields.
I can't complain though, because during the development I practice various skills and everything I do will be a valuable experience anyway, even if something planned won't be finished after all. Even more importantly, this project allows me to constructively express myself and to make others' days brighter at the same time, so I'm just going to keep working. Who knows, maybe it will eventually amount to something bigger than my personal project.

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