I practice digital photography since 2013. I was fourteen and wanted a camera, so I earned some money and purchased my first one, Canon Powershot SX 150 IS. In 2017 I've got my second and current camera, Nikon D3300 with Nikkor 18-55 lens. All the works displayed on this page were made using it.

For a few years photography was one of my main hobbies, with lots of experiments in various genres - landscape, conceptual, macro, minimalism, abstract, portrait and others. However, lately photography is being replaced by projects in other mediums.


Awakening of the Thundering Titan, 2017 | DeviantArt
Marsh, 2019 | DeviantArt


Ghosts of Industrial (photo series), 2017 | DeviantArt | Behance
Alien Minded, 2017 | DeviantArt
The Cowherd, 2019 | DeviantArt


Feast, 2019 | DeviantArt
Dimmed, 2017 | DeviantArt

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