I practice digital photography since 2013. I was fourteen and wanted a camera, so I earned some money and purchased my first one, Canon Powershot SX 150 IS. In 2017 I've got my second and current camera, Nikon D3300 with Nikkor 18-55 lens. All the works displayed on this page were made using it.

For a few years photography was one of my main hobbies, with lots of experiments in various genres - landscape, conceptual, macro, minimalism, abstract, portrait and others. However, lately photography is being replaced by projects in other mediums.


Awakening of the Thundering Titan, 2017 | DeviantArt
Marsh, 2019 | DeviantArt


Ghosts of Industrial (photo series), 2017 | DeviantArt | Behance
Alien Minded, 2017 | DeviantArt
The Cowherd, 2019 | DeviantArt


Feast, 2019 | DeviantArt
Dimmed, 2017 | DeviantArt
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A Pack of Photographic Seamless Textures

  • The pack contains 80 textures of my production, most of them are made from photographs of different surfaces: "natural" and "artificial", 40 textures each;

  • 79 textures are seamless, meaning a texture can be tiled several times without obvious seams between it's copies;

  • Images have one of three sizes: 1024x, 2048x, 3072x. Most of them are converted to .jpg with no visible compression;

  • These textures are universal and can be used in 3D, digital painting, design, etc.

You can modify and use them in any projects, including commercial ones, crediting is optional but welcomed.

Download from Google Drive

Thanks for watching! Full sizes and more examples available on DEVIANTART

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