Some of this info is outdated. Relevant info will be published on the new website in August.

Contact me for more info:
Discord: neeoray#1996
Telegram: @neeoray


  • Genres: primarily scenery-focused (landscape, interior, urban and so on). Other genres are negotiable.

  • Techniques: 3D Graphics, Digital Painting, or a mix of both.

  • Styles: usually realism or semi-realism. Other styles are negotiable.


  • Deadlines are negotiable and usually vary from one to three months.

  • Changes can be made several times, but please refrain from suggesting global changes when the work is almost done.

  • Ethics and common sense must be followed at all times during our conversation.

  • New! I'll be streaming working on your commission on Twitch.


  • Prices vary and depend on the complexity of the work.

  • Prepayment in USD within a month. It is possible to make prepayment in parts.

  • PayPal is my preferred service. Use of other services is negotiable.

  • Refunds are possible in exceptional cases, but only before I finished the work.


1 You contact me on Discord or Telegram and we discuss all the relevant details about your commission.
We come to a mutually satisfying agreement and you make a payment in the time that is suitable for you (within a month).

2 I start to work and show you updates from time to time. Feel free to ask how the work is going if I'm silent.
If I stream working on your commission, I'll let you know beforehand so you can watch and guide the process live.
Be ready to wait one-three months until the commission is finished. Usually it doesn't take longer than three months.

3 Finally, I send two PNG files - with and without my watermark. I may publish your commission on any site. You may use both versions any way you like, but I'd be grateful if you would credit me when posting the commission. A tip is also welcomed.


  • - What is your exact pricing?
    My prices vary from $70 to $300 and more, mostly depending on the complexity of the work.

  • - What is more complicated work and what is less?
    - For example, a regular landscape with simple composition, little detailing and one character is relatively easy to depict, I could take it for the base price.
    Another example: original fantasy room with lots of different objects and several characters requires me to design the interior, furniture and accessories, make a bunch of custom models and textures from scratch, carefully establish the composition, set several layers of lighting and so on. Let's go with $200 and more in this case.

  • - Can you do [insert your topic, genre, style, character, scenery, etc]?
    - I'm a universal artist with some experience in different areas of art, I can do (or try to do) almost anything. Tell me your ideas and we'll discuss them!

  • - What is your experience?
    - I practice 3D, image editing and photography since 2013; music, design and digital painting since 2016.
    I started to take commissions at the beginning of 2020. Since then I've finished more than 30 commissions, most of them were taken on ych.commishes.


Commission for Bedwyier, April 2020 | DeviantArt

Commission for Max Radau, May 2020 | DeviantArt

Commission for SirRainium, May 2020 | DeviantArt

Commission for Lorenzo, May 2020 | DeviantArt

Commission for SearingCold, May 2020 | DeviantArt

Commission for Alanna, June 2020 | DeviantArt

Commission for The Sonic Geek, November 2020 | DeviantArt

Commission for C4theSlime, November 2020 | DeviantArt

The Dusk House (Commission for EmmaFalls), December 2020 | DeviantArt | YouTube

Commission for Starija, December 2020 | DeviantArt

Commission for Red, April 2021 | DeviantArt

Commission for Bellzee, April 2021 | DeviantArt

Commission for Ravens Moon (var. 1), April 2021 | DeviantArt

Commission for Ravens Moon (var. 2), April 2021 | DeviantArt

Commission for Convexity, May 2021 | DeviantArt

Commission for Zeeb, June 2021 | DeviantArt

Commission for HalfDeadHyena, September 2021 | DeviantArt

Commission for Dragonsegg, October 2021 | DeviantArt

Thanks for reading and watching! Full sizes and more examples are available on DEVIANTART

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