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I'm in no way a serious musician just yet, it's just one of my hobbies. I remember messing around with a simple midi synthesizer on a mobile phone back when I was a kid. In 2016 I discovered NanoStudio 1🡭 and started to experiment just for fun, eventually it led to a couple of releases. I still have a lot to learn. I'd also like to get acquainted with some physical instruments but it'll have to wait.

       The two releases I mentioned are a compilation and an EP, I posted them below.
       Both of them are available on my SoundCloud🡭 page, and "The Long Way Home" can be
       downloaded in lossless quality for any price from my Bandcamp🡭

I have a few other ideas ranging from ambient to metal, all of them have a particular concept. For example, "The Mountain" is a heavy album about poverty, war, discrimination, climate change and other global issues.
The ambient/drone project would praise anything from supernova remnants to primordial soup, for example.
I'm slowly developing these ideas but it'll take a while. I'll publish all new releases here and on my pages.




▶  THE LONG WAY HOME   EP   Released Dec 30 2019


Neeostar is a conceptual multimedia project that tells a story of an original planetary system of five planets: Raehna, Fyerra, Salthea, Khaorn and Neastrea.
This demo release is a part of a work-in-progress album with the working title
"Era of Escapism". It'll include themes of each planet plus long narrative compositions of various genres.


▶  [017-018]   Demos   Created 2017-2018, Published 2022


A compilation of assorted demo ideas that were made during 2017-2018.

Moods range from rockish to chill to unsettling. These experiments are quite raw,
I probably won't polish them but might use some of these ideas in future compositions.

Sep 28  2022

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