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I practice digital art in two main directions, let's call them 3D and 2D for short.

 ▾ 3D includes modeling, shading & texturing, animation, lighting & visualization and other related stuff.
 ▾ 2D includes digital drawing & painting, image processing and occasionally 2D animation.
 ▾ MIXED is my common workflow where the basis of the artwork is done in 3D, then it is finalized with
 ▾ postprocessing, detailing and drawing characters in 2D.

I'm self-taught in digital art and have been practicing it for over a decade, along with other kinds of art.
I don't consider myself a professional just yet but the word hobbyist doesn't really fit either. I guess I'm somewhere in between - learning new stuff, practicing and improving, while trying to make a living out of it.
See my
ABOUT page for more info about how I ended up becoming an artist.

My main programs are Blender, Krita and Paint.NET. Generally, I give priority to open source and freeware. Check out the page TOOLS for full list of programs that I use or want to try. That page also lists my past and current hardware and their basic characteristics.

I'm a multidisciplinary or universal artist, it means that I practice a variety of mediums, genres and styles. Even though I have my set of programs, creative habits and artistic preferences, I don't bother to make my art style "consistent". I purposefully switch from 3D to digital painting, from realistic to cartoonish, and from medieval to sci-fi, because the more flexible and diverse my skills are - the better. 

As part of learning process, I create most of the visual content from scratch. For instance, all models in my 3D projects are original, made from primitives (furniture and structures) or generated with flexible tools that provide highly customizable unique outputs (trees and terrain). The same goes to my textures, they are either made from my photographs, generated procedurally or drawn.

    By the way, please check out my Gumroad🡭 page!
    For now I have published a pack of 40 seamless photographic textures of different natural surfaces
    like grass, rock, soil and so on. More assets coming soon, including sets of various 3D models.




Sep 30  2022

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