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Deadlines, Edits, Usage


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3D is a way of making an image using virtual three-dimensional space filled with different objects: models, lights, simulations and other stuff.
I always create my own content like models and textures, both for personal projects and commissions.


2D usually refers to digital drawing and painting but can also include procedural image generation and photomanipulation.


MIXED works include both 3D and 2D elements. Typically it's a 3D scene with details, effects, and characters drawn in 2D.



Genres can also be referred to as topics, these four are just the most common I work with. Other genres and topics are negotiable.


Style affects how I work with details, colours, and lighting. Typically, REALISTIC style means plenty of details, balanced colours and complex lighting, while CARTOONISH pictures are simplified and saturated.
SEMI-REALISTIC is something in between. Other styles are negotiable.


Commission for Alanna.png


Commission for Ravens Moon (var. 1).png



Commission for Seren.png


Commission for Dragonsegg.png


Commission for Bedwyier.png


Commission for HalfDeadHyena.png


The work usually takes from one to three months.
It depends on these factors:


 ▾ Complexity of your commission: some mediums, genres and
styles may take more time than others. Typically, detailed
3DURBAN and INTERIOR take the most time.
My occupation with other commissions and projects.
 ▾ Occasional life stuff and current psychological state.

If something is severely affecting my performance, I'll let you know!


If you need your commission to be finished to a specific date or within particular time limits, make sure to let me know during our initial discussion! In some cases I might charge extra for strict deadlines.
In any case, I'll be updating you from time to time and show progress.

Here's some statistics: during 2020-2021 I finished 34 commissions, the fastest took 5 days and the longest took 4 months. The average was around 40 days.
Due to major hardships at the start of 2022, a few commissions were postponed for several months. Now my life situation is more stable.


Edits can be done several times free of charge. However, please keep in mind that as the work progresses, possible changes become fewer and more local. 
It is best to give me detailed description of your idea and send visual references of similar ideas. Alternatively, you can grant me partial or full artistic freedom, but in this case edits are very limited.


Usually I send two versions of the final picture: with my watermark and without. You may use them for any noncommercial purpose.
If you're going to post the result anywhere, please use the version with the watermark. Additionally, I'd be grateful if you add a link to this website in the description.
This way you help me increase my reach and find new clients!

I may publish your commission and its fragments as an example of my work. I'll mention your nickname in the description where applicable. 

If you want to use the commission for commercial purposes or have any additional requests on your desirable usage terms, let me know and we'll discuss it!


My prices are flexible and can be negotiated within reasonable limits.
What affects the price:


 ▾ Complexity of your commission: some mediums, genres and
 styles require more work and time (see examples below).

 ▾ Your current financial situation. If you feel like it, I'd highly
 appreciate any extra amount within your comfortable limits.
 Conversely, if your finances are tight, we might settle on a
slightly lower price.
 ▾ Other conditions. For example, strict deadlines might increase
the price, while being my patron🡭 might offer a discount.


Here are some examples for reference:

• 50-100

A rough sketch, line or painting with a

minimum of details.

• 100-200

Scenery or portrait with little designing and

medium detailing.

• 200-300

More detailed artwork with some designing.
Urban and interior start at this price.

• 300-500

Elaborate artwork with custom designs

and/or a good deal of details.

• 500+

Complicated artwork with lots of custom
and/or plenty of details.


My preferred payment service is PayPal, use of other services is negotiable. I'll send you an invoice once we've settled on the price.

I start to work after you've made the payment, it's also possible to pay in parts if needed. Typically I expect the payment within two weeks after we've settled on the price, unless you indicated another time frame.

Refunds are possible in exceptional cases but only before I've done most of the work. Refunds after I sent the result are not negotiable.

Commission for C4theSlime.jpg
The Dusk House.png
Commission for Dragonsegg.png

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how to commission me?




Feel free to message me anytime and ask what interests you! Telegram and Discord are best ways to reach me.

We'll exchange ideas, discuss all the relevant details about your commission and settle on the price.







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