Hey~ I'm a versatile artist who works in a wide range of mediums, genres and styles. I can depict your ideas in a tasteful manner and within reasonable timeframe, all while keeping you updated and taking your possible critiques adequately.

If you have any questions or want to commission, just DM me on either of these:

Telegram: @neeoray

Discord: Neeoray#1996



My prices are flexible and  can be negotiated ! What affects the price:


A lined or painted sketch with some detailing, flat colour and simple shading included.


Scenery or portrait with some designing and medium detailing.


More detailed artwork. Urban and interior start at this price.


Elaborate artwork with custom designs
and/or a good deal of details.


Complicated artwork with lots of custom designs and/or plenty of details.



My preferred payment service is  PayPal . Payment by invoice. Full or partial prepayment (50-50) is preferred.

Refunds are possible in exceptional cases but only before I've done most of the work.


The work usually takes  1-3 months . What affects the turnaround time:

If you need your commission to be finished to a specific date, make sure to mention it during our initial discussion! In some cases I might take an extra fee for strict deadlines.

Here's some statistics: throughout 2020-2021 I finished 34 commissions, the fastest took 5 days and the longest took 4 months. The average was around 40 days.


Edits can be made  several times free  of charge. However, please keep in mind that the more work is done, the fewer changes are possible.

It is best to give me detailed description of your idea and send pictures of similar ideas for reference. Alternatively, you can grant me full artistic freedom.


Usually I send two versions of the final picture: with and without my watermark. You may use them for any  noncommercial  purpose, unless we negotiated otherwise.

If you're going to post the result, please use the watermarked version. Additionally, I'd be grateful if you  link back to me  in the description. This way you help me increase my reach and find new clients!

I may publish your commission or its fragments as an example of my work.